Before the spring cleaning begins this year, we thought we would take a minute and share some new industry trends for 2020. If you are in the market for a new roof now is the perfect time!

The first idea for 2020 is lighter color roofing. Lighter colors are gaining popularity with homeowners because they are more reflective of the suns UV rays. We all now how hard the suns rays feel over the summer and the lighter color helps to reflect some of that heat instead of absorbing it into your home. While the darker colors will always be around, the benefits to a lighter color are very beneficial in the Sunshine State.

Second, metal roofing is continuing to increase year after year on homes. The last blog post listed some of the benefits of a metal roof. Metal is more reflective than a typical asphalt shingle, so it keeps your house even cooler during the summer months. In addition it will also add some extra insulation for the 7-10 days the temperature drops below 70.

Third, If you are building a new home flat roofs are on the rise because they create a more modern look to the home. In some cases a flat roof can actually be more cost effective on a new build. Flat roofs also include more possibilities as far as a green roof or a roof top deck.

It's almost time to re-mulch your flower beds and plant new spring flowers! Give us a call to make sure your roof looks as great as the rest of the house!