Are you planning a new roof installation in Orlando soon? But, you're not sure which type of roofing materials to go with on your next roof replacement?

There are several deciding factors that property owners may want to take into account when picking the right roofing material for the job.

Style of the Home

Roof pitch and architecture have a big impact on the type of roofing material you can put on your home. For instance, low slope and flat roofing does better with membrane roofing, PVC, or the classic built-up roofing. Homeowners can also use a metal panel system on low slope roofing, as long as it is correctly installed by a professional metal roofing company.

The building's architecture will influence the style of your roof from a traditional cedar shingle for an older, rustic home to the popular asphalt shingle style on modern properties. Homeowners can also find a durable stone-coated metal shingle system that resembles asphalt shingle, so their properties blend in better with other homes in the neighborhood.

When is it Too Much Roof Maintenance?

Different kinds of roofing materials also require different levels of maintenance. Many homeowners prefer metal or asphalt shingle roofing these days because these products are very low maintenance. A high-quality metal roof might never need more than the very occasional cleaning to remove stuck debris and dirt. 

Other kinds of roof installations in Orlando bring property owners lots of extra work. For example, a wood roof will need regular chemical treatments to prevent the growth of algae and stop pests from moving in. Because they are wood, these shingles may also dry out and split or come loose from the rest of the roof and need replacing.

The Roof's Longevity

Your roof won't be any good if the material wears out fast, and you need another roof replacement sooner than expected. It's important to pick out a roofing material that boasts a long lifespan to reduce the impact on your bank account. Some materials, like stone slate shingles are practically eternal with up to a 100+ year or longer lifespan. However, stone slate is on the pricier side and getting it requires hiring experts trained in stone roof installation. Homeowners may prefer a metal roof, which can last for up to 70 years, and is less costly of an investment.

How Well-Protected Your Roof & Home is by the Shingles

Different types of roofing also have different levels of resilience and durability. Some products, like metal roofing are excellent at standing up to wind, hail, and extreme temperatures. Other products, like wood, boast increased efficiency and protection against exterior temperatures. There are many other roofing materials, each boasting their own features.

Any manufactured product should also have a warranty to protect it against premature damage or defects to the shingles These manufacturer's warranties may also boast added coverage, like roof tear-off costs and labor cost protection. If you are interested in an extended warranty on asphalt shingles, there are many available from brands such as CertainTeed.

Ask About the Cost of Roof Replacement in Orlando

The cost of your new roof can greatly influence the type of roof material you choose for your home. Let TC Metal Roofing help you understand some of the expense for your roofing system during an initial consultation. Our Orlando roofing contractors are also available to work on:

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