Well, what is the difference?

When homeowners are needing to purchase a new roof for their home all the options can be a little overwhelming, so let's break it down!

A shingle roof will be a more affordable option when looking at the cost between the two. Shingle roofs are easier to install, and typically take less time to put on than a metal roof. Shingles come in a variety of different textures and colors, to match any project.

The number of homes with metal roofs have increased 37% to Florida homes. A metal roof will usually last twice as long, if not longer, than an architectural shingle roof. In addition to durability, metal roofs reflect the suns heat. A typical shingle roof will absorb the heat making your attic warmer, and raising the cost to cool your home. A metal roof will actually reflect the suns heat making your attic cooler. An average Florida home has an electric bill of about $140, with a metal roof that home can save about 30% a month on their bill. Which comes out to about $42 a month or $7560 after 15 years or $15120 after 30 years. As another plus to metal roofing, it is all recyclable!

Luckily for you, reading this post, looking for a new roof, at TC Metal Roofing we do both metal and shingle roofs and the estimator coming to your house is knowledgeable on both types!